Warburton Animation Task 4

For this task I had to create a hand-drawn storyboard, animatic from that storyboard and a final animation, using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. The storyboard I based my animatic and animation off was 30 frames long and I tempted to make my storyboard have different angles such as mid shot, close ups and long-wide shots. On […]

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Animated Alphabet Task 4

After creating all the props and costumes, out of paper, I then shot the images. The camera I used was a KODAK Digital Camera, which was placed on top of a tripod to maintain stability throughout the images. When it comes to sets I decided to shoot the animation out side a house, with a […]

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Animated Alphabet Task 3

The props I had to make for my animation were the three stages of Subzero’s iconic move ‘Ice Blast’ and the armour which included body armour, knee pads and face mask. All these piece were made from cutting out paper shapes and sticking them together either using double sided tape or masking tape. The coloured […]

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Animated Alphabet Task 2

The letter that I got to plan to animate was ‘S’, this could give me a wide range of possibilities considering ‘S’ is commonly used in the English language. My original idea was to have cardboard shapes (looking like costumes/ clothing) appear on a person to make it seem that they are wearing a costume […]

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Animated Alphabet Task 1

There are many different kinds of stop animation varying in size and technicality. One of the first big stop animation shows was Wallace and Gromit which was made using clay and paint. Wallace and Gromit were originally created in 1989 with their short film ‘A Grand Day Out’. Other popular stop animations include South Park […]

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Warburton Animation Task 3

Programmes used were Photoshop 2015(16), After Effects CC and Premiere Pro. On the Character Design I circled the designs which both I and a few students agreed would work best. After combining all of the features I started working on the facial features, such as sleepy, surprised, happy and rockstar. I also practiced Furthermore in my final animation […]

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Warburton Animation Task 2

Out of all these ideas I believe that the most interesting to do, as well as capturing the audiences, would be the ‘Old Lady Ordinary Bagel’ as well as ‘Ninja to the Rescue’. To capture audiences who are constantly on the internet and who spend less time watching TV, I believe if the advert is […]

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