Video Game Interface Task 6

Overall I have managed to create many things for a driving simulator including speedometers, car logos, team names, maps, placement and lap time. Throughout the project I mainly used three programmes; Cinema 4D, CC Illustrator 2015 and CC Photoshop 2015. Before doing this project I wasn’t familiar with these programmes, the only one I had […]

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Video Game Interface Task 5

The interfaces and designs of my team logos, speedometers and car placement are below. I had worked from both college and home to complete these interfaces. Out of all the interfaces I would say that the speedometers took the most time because I had to use a programme that I was not familiar to and […]

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Video Game Interface Task 4

This task consisted of myself and 3 other people talking about each others work, discussing what is good about our user interfaces and what could be improved. Unfortunately the printer I used only printed in black and white so it was difficult to show what was difficult to show the difference of teams, however I did […]

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Video Game Interface Task 3

For task 3 I had to mock up different designs for my user interfaces, this included features such as track maps, speedometers and placement. I feel like these are the three main components when it comes to user interfaces because, from personal experience, I believe these are the interfaces that players constantly look at for […]

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Video Game Interface Task 2

Driving simulators are a large genre of gaming, some big names in racing are Grand Turismo, Need For Speed, Forza, Driveclub, etc. ‘Next Generation’ gaming has added so much detail when it comes to the player’s driving experience by including a lot of interface elements such as fuel gauges, speedometers, laps, maps/ placing and so on. Interface […]

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