Game Level Task 4

‘Betrayal’ is a RPG 2D platformer game where the player gets to play the role as Poseidon, one of the twelve deities from Greek mythology. In this story the protagonist has to rescue his siblings from Hades, who kidnapped them due to conflict between siblings. The style I was going for was a bright 70s […]

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Game Level (Task 3 PROGRAMMING)

Previously I had used the application Unreal Engine 4, was to programme a walking sequence fro my basic character design. For this task I had programmed a lot more, including platforms, jumping sequence, background and spikes. This part of creating my game, ‘Betrayal’, was quite challenging as I did keep running into problems that were unfamiliar […]

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Game Level (Task 3 DESIGN)

After drawing my designs on paper I then had to move on to the task of creating each feature online, ready to put into my game, this would be the final designs. I started with one of the features that weren’t going to have a pixelated filter put on, the health/ mana bar. I went […]

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Game Level (Task 2)

When it comes to creating a game, sketches are needed prior to create characters, props, backgrounds and weapons in clearer detail. An example of this would be in Overwatch, the 2016 MMO game released by Blizzard, where we can see the design for one of the iconic charcters, Tracer. These images show the processes of the […]

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Game Theory (Board Games)

Any sort of game whether it be board games, video games or playground games, they all have rules and objectives. A simple game such as the 1972 game Pong has an objective, which is to hit the ball more often that the other player and get the highest score, however it today’s video games, game […]

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Game Theory (2D Platformers)

For modern day games to the classic 8-bit platformers, games have always had plot and other features such as characters, sounds, enemies,etc. The first ever game created was in 1958, by a physicist named William Higanbotham, it was “Pong”, even though it doesn’t have a complex story such as Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy, it […]

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