VR Trailer Task 3

To create my trailer I had to use the tools I am already familiar with as well as new ones. The programmes I used to create the VR trailer were Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro 2017 with tools such as ‘Shift Channel’, ‘Time Stretch’ and ‘Screen Mode’. In order to access each file that my fellow team mates created, […]

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AR Timeline

Augmented reality has only been developed over the last few decades, starting in 1968 with Ivan Sutherland. The definition of augmented reality is to create a computer generated image and place it into a users’ reality, this could be done by either done by video, sound or GPS data. In modern day we tend to see […]

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VR Trailer Task 2

The next step in creating our live action trailer we had to look at creating the logo and final decision of title. My job in this task was to create designs for the logo, title and costumes for Zachary Creer to wear, as he will be the main actor. When looking at the different name […]

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VR Timeline

Virtual Reality is once of the latest innovations of gaming and technology in modern society using simple devices such as stereoscopic viewers to the latest in VR technology, the HTC Vive. VR technology has made more of a development in the last 10 years then it has in the last 100 years. One of the […]

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Green Screen Research

Green screen is a modern day technique that many industries use to make a movie, making it easier to place a character in an environment without physically putting them there. One of the first green screens used in the film industries was in the 1930’s by Linwood Dunn to create windshield wipers on a car […]

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